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Lion the Guard #5forBigCats

Один из сторожевых львов на Дворцовой пристани. Они внимательно осматривают прибывающих, приветствуют доброжелателей и растерзывают злодеев.

This guardian is standing still and welcoming peaceful arrivals at Palace's pier (Dvortsovaya pier) in Saint Petersburg, Russia; however evildoers will be torn to pieces.

The Lions at the Dvortsovaya pier are two lion sculptures in bronze placed at the Admiralty embankment in Saint Petersburg since 1832. The lions are copies of the late 16th century Italian Medici lions in Florence.

The lions are the best known among several Medici lions and other lion sculptures in Saint Petersburg. The sculptures were created by the German craftsman, Johan Gottlieb Prang to designs by sculptor Ivan Prokofiev.

On the background, you can see domes and crosses of the beautiful Dormition of the Mother of God's cathedral. It was built in 1895-1903.
Tags: #fineart, #спб, 5forbigcats, art, beautiful, cathedral, christianity, church, cityscape, cross, design, dome, exterior, guardian, interior, lion, natgeoru, orthodox, petersburg, photooftheday, russia, sculpture, winter, Петербург, Россия, город, зима, красота, лев, фотодня
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